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《怀古》 1999 吴亚鸿


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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday People  Niu strokes

By Rachel Philip
  Journalist, The New Straits Times

Niu strokes

THE bull is a hardworking creature. Calligraphy master Goh Ah Ang, 55, believes that we should emulate this quality in 2009. “Hard work brings wealth and good fortune,” says Goh who is born in the year of the Horse.

 The principal of Top Art in Klang, Goh began learning calligraphy when he was 13. His 30-year-old art centre currently has about 400 students coming in for classes seven days a week.

 The youngest student is only four while the oldest is 70-something ex-school principal.

 Known internationally as well as locally as the Ant Artist, Goh celebrates the tiny insect in most of his creations, unlike other Chinese artists who portray beasts of power such as tigers and horses in their works.

 “My message is that we should uphold all creatures, says Goh. “There is much we can learn from the hardworking ant. ”

 On the cover of Sunday People today is a calligraphic expression of Niu, the Mandarin word for Ox, by Goh.

 The secret to a robust-looking character: Begin each stroke slightly inside of it, take the brush to the stroke’s intended end, then reverse the brush back into the stroke. When you reach the other end, again reverse your brush back into the stroke. This yields solid-looking tips for each stroke, rather than wimpy, tapered ends.

Watch the video: Learn from the master the four easy brush strokes for “niu” or ox. Go to